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About the Bot

The Gamemaster is a discord bot made for making games in discord possible. We have many games to offer and also code your game ideas really fast!

Trapdoors is a game where you pick one of three doors. Two doors are safe, but one door will end the game for you. You have a specific amount of time to pick a door. The game will continue until one person is left or everyone is out. Be careful, it's a game of survival!


Dice Roll is a game where you pick a number between 1 and 6. Write your number in chat, then the bot will roll a number. If you are lucky and the number you picked is different from the number rolled, you go to the next round. The game will keep going until there is only one winner or all players die.


Guess the word by filling in the missing letters. Example: w•r•d = World.
Write as many words as you want in the chat. First person with the correct word wins the round. After 5 rounds, the player with the most correct guesses wins or another round is played until we have a winner.



  • Easy to use interface
  • Funny games to play
  • Active development
  • Powerful servers
  • Cheap prizes
  • Fast support
  • Server Stats





    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I get my server key?

    🢂 Execute /getkey in your server. Make sure you have community enabled and the bot has access to your moderator channel.

    Where can I invite the discord bot?

    🢂 On this page there is a "Bot-Invite" button which will redirect you to the discord bot invite link.

    Where can I get help/request games or features?

    🢂 You can message the developer on discord for game/feature requests and for support. Tag: Elektrodemon#0928

    How long is life time actually?

    🢂 Life time means that it's forever. Until we close the project.

    What are the commands for the bot?

    🢂 You can use the command /help to see a list of available commands for the bot.

    What games does the bot support?

    🢂 The bot supports a variety of discord games, you can use the command !help to see a list of available games.

    Can I customize the settings for the bot's games?

    🢂 Yes, the bot allows you to customize certain settings for each game, you can use the command /help to see the available options.

    Can the bot be used on multiple servers?

    🢂 Yes, the bot can be added to multiple servers, but you must have the necessary permissions to do so.